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WTE Uniqe Process

The WTE process is a unique concept involving treatment of waste by thermolysis. The idea of using thermolysis to free the various compounds and materials in organic waste by high temperature in an oxygen free environment.

Why the WTE process

a) A continuously industrial feeding system allowing the process to run 24/7.
b) The difficulties of providing a high-enough temperature, stabile during the treatment of different materials, to actually dissociate  
the molecules of, for instance, heavy metals, in different temperature zones.
c) Finding materials for the construction of the reactor, to be used in the process which will withstand such high temperatures over  

d) The requirement of providing a zero-oxygen atmosphere for thermolysis to take place. We have an exothermic reaction in our process. An exothermic reaction is a chemical or physical reaction that releases heat. It gives net energy to its surroundings. That is, the energy needed to initiate the reaction is less than the energy that is subsequently released.
The technology to accomplish all of the above results in an effective and profitable treatment of the waste problem. Our WOSTA® process unit can do all above.

More about  WTE Technology 

For all material the process starts with shredding. This is to be able to get the non-oxygen feeding to the WTE  process unit more efficient, e.g. higher production rate.
For household waste we have a pre-treatment part where glass and metal is sorted out. This can be done manually or fully automatically. We also use some of the excess heat to preheat the waste to get the moisture level lower to optimize the output from our process. 
This is not necessary since early tests show that the process still works in a proper way.

Our continuous feeding and process gives us the benefit of heating the process unit just once at the start and then the exothermic reaction keeps the heat in the process. We monitor the temperature constantly so if necessary we can add some heat.
The output from the WOSTA® process unit, oil, gas, carbon black and some ash is gathered and stored in different containers.
The oil and gas can be used to produce electricity via a power plant. The excess heat is taken care of via different heat exchangers and that energy can be converted to electricity or/and cooling for buildings such as hospitals or universities. All is depending to the agreement considering the plant.

Third party repport

The WTE system is a continuous pyrolysis process. The system may handle continous feeding of materials such as domestic waste, rubber and plastic. Outputs of the WOSTA system are gas, oil and carbon black.The purpose of the measurements was to verify previous test results of product composition and amounts of gas, oil and carbon black from the WOSTA pilot equipment



Domestic waste

Rubber and Plastic

And More



Result of the operation test

Tests were carried out for two different types of material, dried and prepared domestic waste for the first case and rubber from tires for the second case. On both cases the temperature of the bed was set to 550 C. analysed, with approximated two hours interval



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